Energy Emergency Response Plan Program

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Publication Number: CEC-600-2006-014-F
Publication Date: October 2006

The California Energy Emergency Response Plan is the state's strategy for responding to an energy emergency. An energy emergency is an actual or potential loss of energy supply that significantly impacts the state. An energy emergency can be caused by natural disasters (such as earthquake, fire, or flood) or geopolitical events (such as war, terrorism, civil disturbance, or embargo).

Since each energy emergency is unique, it is impossible to envision every potential event or combination of events that might contribute to, or result in, an energy emergency. The Plan is based on an "all hazards" approach that provides the flexibility to adapt to every energy emergency situation regardless of the origin. The Plan provides both a management and operational structure that identifies the functional relationships that must exist to ensure effective identification, response, and recovery from an energy emergency.

The Plan relies on a free market approach to control distribution and supply. Government intervention occurs only to the extent necessary to protect the interests of public health, safety, and welfare, along with critical community services and economic operations.

Energy Commission Employees

Please make sure you are familiar with the Plan and, during an emergency, follow the appropriate steps for your energy emergency response role. Other information will be provided on this website as soon as it is available, in accordance with the Plan.

Any questions regarding what role you may have (if any) during an energy emergency should be directed to your immediate supervisor.

During the early stages of an energy emergency, the primary role of state government is fact finding, monitoring, and exchanging information, rather than direct intervention in industry efforts to restore services and satisfy customer requirements. The California Energy Commission (Energy Commission) serves as a central source of credible and timely information relative to statewide energy emergency impacts.

The Plan is intended to lessen the potential adverse impacts of an energy emergency by providing the Governor, Legislature, and policy makers, including those at the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (CalOES), with accurate and timely information for decision making.

As described in Chapter 2, if the energy emergency continues or worsens, the Energy Commission may intensify its monitoring and public information activities as well as implement a variety of mitigation programs including fuels set-aside and demand reduction (conservation) measures.

For more information on energy emergency planning, please contact:

Drew Bohan, Executive Director
California Energy Commission
1516 Ninth Street, MS-39
Sacramento, CA 95814-5512
Phone: 916-654-4996

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Energy Emergency Response Plan

The Energy Commission is in the Readiness Phase of its Energy Emergency Response Plan.