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Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission (usually called the California Energy Commission), the Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), and the Consumer Power and Conservation Financing Authority (called the CPA - which is now defunct), approved the final State of California Energy Action Plan in 2003, proposed by a subcommittee of the three agencies. The Draft Plan establishes shared goals and specific actions to ensure that adequate, reliable, and reasonably-priced electrical power and natural gas supplies are achieved and provided through policies, strategies, and actions that are cost-effective and environmentally sound for California's consumers and taxpayers.

The plan was adopted: May 8, 2003, by a three-to-two vote of the CPUC. Commissioners Loretta M. Lynch and Carl Wood dissented. (Their dissent is attached to the final version of the first Plan.); April 30, 2003, by unanimous vote of the Energy Commission; April 18, 2003, by unanimous vote of the CPA.

In 2005, a second Energy Action Plan was adopted by both the Energy Commission and the CPUC to reflect the policy changes and actions of the ensuing two years.

At the beginning of 2008, the Energy Commission and CPUC didn't find it necessary or productive to create a new energy action plan. The state's energy policies have been significantly influenced by the passage of Assembly Bill 32, the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. The Energy Commission's 2007 Integrated Energy Policy Report (IEPR) advanced policies that would enable the state to meet its energy needs in a carbon constrained world. The report also provides a comprehensive set of recommended actions to achieve these policies.

The Public Utilities Commission has a number of proceedings before it that will define its post-AB 32 energy strategies. In addition, the two agencies will, within a matter of months, make a joint recommendation to the California Air Resources Board on the implementation of AB 32 in the electricity sector.

Rather than produce a new Energy Action Plan, the Energy Commission and CPUC have prepared instead an "update" that examines the state's ongoing actions in the context of global climate change. We prepared the update using the information and analysis prepared for the recent IEPR, as well as recent Public Utilities Commission decisions.

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