Event Date

Wednesday, April 21, 2021
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Location Name

Remote Access Only

There will be one Pre-Application Workshop; participation in this meeting is optional but encouraged. The Pre-Application Workshop will be held remotely via Zoom at the date, time and location listed below.  Please call (916) 654-4381 or refer to CEC's website at www.energy.ca.gov/contracts/ to confirm the date and time.

Remote Attendance

Zoom is the CEC’s online meeting service. When attending remotely, presentations will appear on your computer/laptop/mobile device screen, and audio may be heard via the device or telephone. Please be aware that the Zoom webinar will be recorded.

Zoom Instructions:
To join this workshop, go to Zoom at

You may also access the workshop by going to the Zoom webpage at
https://zoom.us/join and enter the unique webinar ID and password below:

Webinar ID: 929 2666 8111
Webinar Password: CEC@2021

Telephone Access Only:

Call (888) 853-5257 or (888) 475-4499 (toll-free). When prompted, enter the unique meeting ID number above. To comment over the telephone, dial *9 to “raise your hand” and *6 to mute/unmute your phone line.

Technical Support:

For assistance with problems or questions about joining or attending the meeting, please call Zoom Technical Support at (888) 799-9666 ext. 2, or you may contact the CEC’s Public Advisor’s Office at publicadvisor@energy.ca.gov, or (800) 822-6228.