Event Date

Tuesday, October 8, 2019
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Location Name

First Floor, Imbrecht Hearing Room

Energy Commission staff will hold a public hearing for the proposed regulations on the following date and time. Interested persons, or his or her authorized representative, may present oral and written statements, arguments, or contentions relevant to the proposed regulations at the hearing. The record for this hearing will be kept open until 12:00 p.m. (Pacific Time) or until every person present, in person or via webinar, who indicates a desire to speak has had an opportunity to do so.

Remote Attendance

Audio for the hearing will be broadcast over the internet. Details regarding the Energy Commission’s webcast can be found at https://energy.webex.com/ec.

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California Energy Commission
1516 9th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
First Floor, Imbrecht Hearing Room
(Wheelchair accessible)