Event Date

Wednesday, November 13, 2019
10:00 AM - 05:00 PM

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Art Rosenfeld Hearing Room

The California Energy Commission proposes to modify existing regulations for the Power Source Disclosure (PSD) program established under the Public Utilities Code section 398.1 et seq. The regulations are found at Title 20, California Code of Regulations, section 1390 – 1394. The modifications would affect Sections 1391 – 1394 and create the new Sections 1394.1– 1394.2. The proposed action is taken under the authority of sections 25213 and 25218(e) of the Public Resources Code, and sections 398.4(k)(2)(F)(i) and 398.5(c) of the Public Utilities Code. The proposed modifications to the regulations will implement, interpret, and make specific requirements found in Public Utilities Code sections 398.1 – 398.5.

This rulemaking will update the Power Source Disclosure Program to incorporate the new statutory requirements that the Power Content Label show the GHG emissions intensity of each electricity product offered for sale and the amount of unbundled RECs that is part of such sale. The rulemaking also updates other aspects of the program to facilitate implementation, improve clarity, and ensure that the statutory directive to produce a label that is accurate, reliable, and simple to understand is attained.

The Energy Commission will hold a public hearing for consideration and possible adoption of the proposed regulations on the date and time unless the Energy Commission decides to consider changes to the express terms of the proposed regulations.


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