Forms & Instructions for Reporting Electric and Natural Gas Sales and Electric Generation Information

A complete booklet on all forms and instructions can be downloaded as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file:

Historical Electricity and Natural Gas Data Collection - Forms and Instructions.
Publication # CEC-200-2008-001-CMF, adopted at the January 2, 2008, Energy Commission Business Meeting. Posted January 11, 2008. (Acrobat PDF file, 95 pages, 2.0 megabytes)


The amendments were adopted by the Energy Commission and in July 2007 approved by California's Office of Administrative Law. The regulations under Quarterly Fuel and Energy Report (QFER) specify that the data and reports are submitted on forms, and in accordance with instructions for the forms, specified by the Energy Commission's executive director. The executive director consulted with interested companies on the specifying QFER forms and instructions.

On December 6, 2007, Forms and Instructions were distributed to interested companies and placed on the Energy Commission's website. These companies were invited to review and comment on the Forms and Instructions by December 19, 2007. All comments and suggestions were considered before the forms and instructions were finalized. The Forms and Instructions were then adopted by the Energy Commission at its January 2, 2008, Business Meeting.

ELECTRICITY - Forms & Instructions

Wind Performance Reporting System (WPRS)

Power Plant Owner

Control Area Operator

Utility Distribution Company (UDC)

Load-Serving Entity (LSE)

Definitions of above categories

NATURAL GAS - Forms & Instructions

Natural Gas Utility

Natural Gas Retailer

Interstate Pipeline Company

Natural Gas Processor

Definitions of above categories