Load Management Standards Proceeding

DOCKET # Docket 08-DR-01

Efficiency Committee overseeing this proceeding is:

Jackalyne Pfannenstiel
Chairman and Associate Member

Arthur Rosenfeld
Commissioner and Presiding Member

The Energy Commission has established a proceeding to develop and adopt Load Management and Demand Response Standards as recommended in the 2007 Integrated Energy Policy Report. This informational and rulemaking process will explore and consider any rate tariffs, equipment, software, automatic technologies, and other measures and regulations that would be appropriate to achieve a price-responsive electricity market.

Why adopt Load Management Standards? Managing the critical peak electricity use or "load" during hot summer days is economically beneficial to the utility and the ratepayer in several ways. It is less expensive than building new power plants and provides opportunities for consumers to take advantage of future critical peak pricing programs using various devices or actions to reduce their electricity consumption and costs.

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Reports, presentations and other documents collected as part of the Joint Energy Commission/CPUC Demand Response Proceeding (OII.02-DR-01, R.02-06-001), including the Statewide Pricing Pilot (SPP), may be found on our Energy Archive website.

For questions about this proceeding, contact:

Gabriel D. Taylor, P.E.
Project Manager, Load Management Standards
Public Programs Office
Energy Efficiency & Renewables Division
California Energy Commission
1516 Ninth Street, MS-42
Sacramento, CA 95814-5512
E-mail: LoadManagementOIR@energy.state.ca.us

Members of the News Media:
Please contact the Media and Public Communications Office at 916-654-4989.

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