About Our Website Redesign Project (Phase One)

...And Tips for Using Our New Navigation

The California Energy Commission is launching the first phase of its project to update the design and navigation of the Commission's main website, in accordance with the new CA.GOV web template.

The goal of this project is to make the Commission's vast store of on-line information easier and faster to access. This first phase includes a redesigned home page, a new layout for the Building Energy Efficiency Program web pages and a redesigned About the Commission main page. Additional Energy Commission program sections will be added as those pages are updated and reorganized. In the meantime, pages using the "old" design will continue to function as they always have.

This project is being completed entirely in-house by the Commission's web and graphics teams, and we thank our many visitors in advance for your patience as we roll out additional sections and features.

Here are some tips for using our new navigation:

  • We have greatly reduced the number of links on our home page, but all of the previously linked information remains readily available through the new top navigation, the "Latest News and Activities" list, the "Highlights" three-section tab panel, the new "Quick Links" page, and/or the new "Go Direct To" tool.
  • The new home page also includes easy-to-find links to our social media sites and our mobile site.
  • The new "Home" tab in the top navigation now does what it is supposed to do: link to the home page. On our new pages, Commission information formerly located in the drop-down menu under the "Home" tab has been moved to the "About Us" drop-down menu and a new "Quick Links" page.
  • The other top navigation tabs - Efficiency, Funding, Power Plants, Renewables, Research, and Transportation - work very much as they always have for accessing those program areas. Some obsolete or redundant links have been removed or consolidated.
  • The new template has limited space for top navigation tabs, and the other five tabs that were at the top of the old home page have been moved to the "Topics" section of the "Highlights" area in the middle left of the new home page.
  • The new top navigation design will be added to other sections of the website as those pages are converted. Meanwhile, the old top navigation will continue to function as always on uncoverted pages.
  • The latest news releases will be posted at the top of the "Latest News and Activities" section on the new home page, along with a link to all news releases.
  • The long list of "Quick Links" found at the left of the old home page is now on its own "Quick Links" page, accessed through the "Quick Links" link on the home page as well as in several other easy-to-find places.
  • "The old "Information About" home page tab panel has been divided into three new pages accessed through the "Highlights" section. The new pages are called "Commission Proceedings," "Power Plant Licensing Under Review," and "Forms." These pages also are accessible through "Quick Links."

new energy commission home page

Feedback or comments?

Please feel free to submit comments to webmaster@energy.ca.gov.