For Immediate Release: January 27, 2017

“We lost a long-time and well-respected champion of forward-thinking energy policy today who led the state’s push for energy efficiency. His work and influence will continue, especially in California where we are committed to finding new opportunities to incorporate his vision and expertise.”
- Energy Commission Chairman Robert B. Weisenmiller

“Art possessed a singular, irresistible creative drive that drew from his bottomless reservoirs of science, passion and personality. People across the world, and certainly every American, enjoy cleaner air and a healthier economy as a result of Art’s tireless and contagious efforts on energy efficiency. It is a tremendous privilege to help build on his remarkable legacy.”
- Energy Commission Commissioner Andrew McAllister, lead on energy efficiency

Arthur H. Rosenfeld is remembered as a driving force in shaping California’s nation-leading energy efficiency policies. Rosenfeld was appointed to the Energy Commission in April 2000 and reappointed January 2005 overseeing the Public Interest Energy Research program and energy efficiency issues including standards for buildings and for appliances. He retired from the Energy Commission in January 2010.


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The California Energy Commission is the state's primary energy policy and planning agency. The agency was established by the California Legislature through the Warren-Alquist Act in 1974. It has seven core responsibilities: advancing state energy policy, encouraging energy efficiency, certifying thermal power plants, investing in energy innovation, developing renewable energy, transforming transportation and preparing for energy emergencies.