Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS) Certification

Under California's Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS) statutes, all sellers of electricity in California, including publicly owned utilities (POUs), investor-owned utilities (IOUs), electricity service providers (ESPs), and community choice aggregators (CCAs), are required to procure a portion of their electricity retail sales from eligible renewable resources to meet the following goals:

Procurement from a renewable facility cannot be counted towards a utility's RPS obligation unless that facility has been certified as RPS-eligible by the Energy Commission. Facility owners interested in entering into an RPS contract with a utility should certify the facility with the Energy Commission.

Renewable facilities that are under development and not yet commercially operational using a renewable fuel may seek "precertification," with the understanding that the Energy Commission will verify the information submitted in the pre-certification application once the facility has been completed and evaluate this information under the RPS Eligibility Guidebook that is in place when the facility applies for RPS certification. All certified and precertified facilities are subject to audit as described in the RPS Eligibility Guidebook. The Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System (WREGIS) has been developed to satisfy current RPS tracking requirements. All RPS-certified facilities must register with and be approved in WREGIS.

Applications for Certification or Precertification

All precertification and certification applications must be completed via the RPS Online System. Attestations will be signed electronically within the RPS Online System. View the RPS Online Training Manual, located under the “Help” link in the RPS Online System, for detailed precertification and certification application instructions.

The list of facilities that have applied to the Energy Commission for RPS certification or precertification as eligible for the RPS, including the status of the most recently submitted applications for RPS certification or precertification, can be accessed in the RPS Online System via the “Applications Search”. As RPS certification or precertification applications are received and processed, this list will be updated. The list will also be modified as needed to reflect any changes in certification information or status of facilities.

Please refer to the Renewables Portfolio Standard Eligibility Guidebook, for information on how to become certified as an RPS-eligible facility.

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