Energy Efficiency Progress in the POUs - Documents Page


SEE Action Guide for States: Energy Efficiency as a Least-Cost Strategy to Reduce Greenhouse Gases and Air Pollution and Meet Energy Needs in the Power Sector , The State and Local Energy Efficiency Action Network, February 2016 .(PDF File, 135 pages, 4.29 mb)


Energy Efficiency Potential Studies Catalog, Energy efficiency potential studies conducted between 2007 and 2015 by state, local, and non-governmental organizations unaffiliated with Federal Department of Energy


Picking All the Fruit: All Cost-Effective Energy Efficiency Mandates , Annie Gilleo, 2014 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. (PDF File, 13 pages, 324 kb)

LADWP Territorial Potential 2014-2023, Draft Report Volume I. Nexant, Inc. June 2014. (PDF File, 64 pages, 1.8 mb)


POU Energy Savings Potential and Targets for 2014-2023, Energy Efficiency in California’s Public Power Sector, March 2013 p. 231 Appendix D. (PDF File, 314 pages, 5.37 mb)


POU Energy Savings Potential and Targets for 2011-2020 , Energy Efficiency in California’s Public Power Sector, March 2010 p. 225 Appendix B. (PDF File, 272 pages, 3.92 mb)

Northwest Conservation and Electric Power Plan , Northwest Power and Conservation Council, February 2010. (PDF File, 272 pages, 2.81 mb)


Energy Efficiency in California's Public Power Sector , A Status Report March 2008. (PDF file, 174 pages, 1.7 mb)


Statewide Energy Efficiency Potential Estimates and Targets for California Utilities, CEC-200-2007-019SD, August 2007. (PDF File, 84 pages, 761 kb)

Demand Response and Energy Efficiency For Silicon Valley Power, Final Report., Rocky Mountain Institute, May 2007. (PDF File, 44 pages, 2.76 mb)

Achieving All Cost-Effective Energy Efficiency For California (energy efficiency targets), Final Staff Report, CEC-200-2007-019-SF. (PDF file, 240 pages, 1.4 mb)


Assembly Bill No. 2021, Chapter 734. (PDF file, 5 pages, 60 kb)


Senate Bill No. 1037, Chapter 366. (PDF file, 7 pages, 100 kb)