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California researchers are working to demonstrate conservation tillage (CT) under California soil conditions. Like their fellow farmer in the mid-west, California farmers can save money, time and soil after years of learning how to make CT work.

If you are interested in CT, read the research reports, call the researchers and other farmers using conservation tillage methods.

Efficient field preparation methods include reducing total tractor tillage time by preparing fields using one-pass equipment in small grains, vegetable and cotton fields.

Properly inflate tractor radial ply tires to optimize traction, reduce fuel costs and increase productivity.

UC Davis agricultural engineers are developing precision tillage equipment.

Conservation Tillage Methods

No-Till Wheat and Barley Production In California, consultant report by University of California Cooperative Extension, Energy Commission publication # CEC-400-1995-900, 1995. (PDF file, 33 pages, 196 kilobytes

One-Pass Tillage Equipment

Research Report - Evaluation of One-Pass Tillage Equipment Versus Conventional Tillage System:-Pass cultivation using the Incorpramaster equipment, by Dr. Shrini Upadhyaya, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, UC Davis.

Proper Tractor Tire Inflation

How to Get the Most From Radial Ply Tractor Tires: A Guide to Selecting the Correct Inflation Pressure Consultant Report, Energy Commission publication # CEC-400-1999-900, January 1999. (PDF file, 7 pages, 196 kilobytes)

TABLES for above report, Consultant Report, Energy Commission publication # CEC-400-1999-900-AP, January 1999. (PDF file, 36 pages, 13.6 MEGABYTES - note file size!

Video Tape - How Farmers are Saving Money from Properly Inflating Radial Ply Tractor Tires