Process Energy - Water/Wastewater Efficiency

Energy Efficiency With Water

About the Energy-Water Connection

The Energy-Water Connection was created in response to requests from water and wastewater professionals. They were frustrated by efforts to find good information on energy management opportunities, and asked for a central, reliable source of objective information. Here you will find solutions to just about any question on any aspect of energy management. This is the resource for high quality, objective information on energy efficient technologies and operating practices in water supply systems and wastewater treatment facilities.

Why Should I Care About Energy?

Energy represents the largest controllable cost of providing water or wastewater services to the public. Most facilities were designed and built when energy costs were not a concern. If you have not fully investigated the applicability of modern technology, you probably are wasting a large amount of money without realizing it-money that can be used for meeting new water quality requirements, replacing aging pipes or equipment, or even hiring new staff. In an age when the public may disapprove of rate increases, you cannot afford to overlook the energy costs of providing your services. So look through this site, and check out the information on adjustable speed drives, premium efficiency motors, electronic controls, and more.

How to Use the Information You See

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Served Up As You Like It

The Energy-Water Connection is much more than just a Website. Here you will find water and wastewater information tailored to specific uses for each, a library filled with articles, fact sheets, reports and technical papers on a variety of subjects, links to other useful resources sites, and more.