The offices also provide technical support and California Environmental Quality Act review for Energy Commission divisions that provide funding opportunities promoting innovation in energy technologies.

Environmental Protection Office

The office performs independent analyses of biological resources, cultural and historical resources, and visual resources as well as community, land use-related and environmental justice issues. The Tribal Program, which conducts outreach to California Native American tribes, is also part of the office. 

Engineering Office

The office evaluates and presents expert testimony in geoscience; hydrology; air quality; public health; public and worker safety; and power plant construction, operation, and decommissioning.

The offices also: 

  • Conduct environmental analyses for energy facility licensing.
  • Conduct field investigations and inspections. 
  • Prepare analyses to support power plant compliance monitoring and enforcement.
  • Conduct transmission permitting to support electric generation resource planning.
  • Conduct transmission corridor planning.
  • Provide analysis and support for the Energy Commission’s Integrated Energy Policy Report and Energy System Environmental Performance Report.


Environmental Planning Office
Eric Knight

Engineering Office
Geoff Lesh


Energy System Infrastructure Planning