Docket Number: 07-SB-1

Senate Bill 1 (Murray, Chapter 132, Statutes of 2006) enacts Governor Schwarzenegger's Million Solar Roofs Initiative and expands upon the current California Solar Initiative (CSI) and the Energy Commission's New Solar Homes Partnership (NSHP).

The statute adds sections to the Public Resource Code that require building projects applying for ratepayer-funded incentives for photovoltaic (PV) systems to meet minimum energy efficiency levels and recommends that PV system components and installations meet rating standards and specific performance requirements.

Senate Bill 1 states three specific expectations to be met to qualify for the ratepayer-funded incentives made available through the bill:

  • High-quality, solar energy systems with maximum system performance to promote the highest energy production per ratepayer dollar.
  • Optimal system performance during periods of peak demand.
  • Appropriate energy efficiency improvements in new and existing homes, or in commercial structures where solar energy systems are installed.

Senate Bill 1 is an extensive, multi-faceted legislation that covers many other matters besides the eligibility criteria, conditions for incentives and rating standards. The Energy Commission's proceeding and its subsequent report will not address those other matters.

Progam Authority California Public Utilities
California Energy
Publicly Owned Utilities (POUs) Total
California Solar Initiative (CSI) (including CSI-Thermal) New Solar Homes Partnership Various Program Names Go Solar California!
Budget $2,167 million (Electric)
$250 million (Gas)
$400 million $784 million $3,351 million (Electric)
$250 Million (Gas)
Solar Goals 1,940 MW (Electric)
585 million therms (Gas)
360 MW 700 MW 3,000 MW (Electric)
585 million therms (Gas)
Scope All solar systems in large IOU areas except new homes Solar systems on new homes in large IOU areas All solar systems in POU areas All of California

Note: The electric budgets are for 2007-2016, and the gas budgets are for 2010-2017.

Resolution Regarding Revisions to the Guidelines for California’s Solar Electric Incentive Programs (Senate Bill 1), 7thEdition. The Resolution adopted July 15, 2019, at the CEC Business Meeting is effective immediately, and will subsequently be incorporated into the next revision of the SB 1 Guidelines.

The Seventh Edition of the SB 1 guidelines have been approved. The guidelines became effective upon adoption, December 10, 2018.

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Docket Log (07-SB-01)

Publicly Owned Utilities' SB1 Solar Program Status Reports have been moved to our Archive Website.

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