For Immediate Release: October 13, 2015
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Chair Weisenmiller Touts Benefits of Regional Grid Integration

SACRAMENTO - California Energy Commission Chair Robert B. Weisenmiller issued the following statement today regarding a study that finds the creation of a regional power marketplace could reduce energy costs by billions of dollars, and help the state reach its 50 percent renewable energy mark and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The study examined the impact of combining the electric grids of PacificCorp and the California Independent System Operator (ISO). The study found that integrating the two largest high-voltage transmission grids in the West to create a regional ISO could produce between $3.4 billion and $9.1 billion in shared cost reductions in the first 20 years through better grid management and efficiencies gained by planning for the resource needs of a single, rather than multiple systems. PacifiCorp and the California ISO have an agreement to pursue a regional ISO.

"California is leading the way as the world responds to climate change. With this regional approach we are demonstrating it is possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the West through coordinated planning and more fully utilizing renewable energy sources."

"The transformation of the two largest electric transmission grids in the West can help incorporate more low-environmental impact renewable energy for the region, reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout and sharing the benefits of solar, winds and other renewable energy sources with our neighboring states during times when the demand is high."

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The California Energy Commission is the state's primary energy policy and planning agency. The agency was established by the California Legislature through the Warren-Alquist Act in 1974. It has seven core responsibilities: advancing state energy policy, encouraging energy efficiency, certifying thermal power plants, investing in energy innovation, developing renewable energy, transforming transportation and preparing for energy emergencies.

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