For Immediate Release: November 6, 2015
Media Contact: Michael A. Ward - 916-654-4989


Workshop Examines Rapid Land Subsidence in California

SACRAMENTO - The California Energy Commission will hold a public workshop to discuss drought-related land subsidence and the effect it may have on oil and natural gas infrastructure.

Because of the drought, there has been a substantial increase in groundwater extraction from unprecedented depths, and that has accelerated the subsidence of land in some areas. The rapidly subsiding land could potentially pose a threat to natural gas and oil pipelines and wells, natural gas storage systems, aqueducts and other facilities. PG&E recently said about 50 miles of its natural gas pipelines could potentially be impacted by sinking land.

What: Workshop discussions will examine ways to better anticipate impact, coordinate future research activities and develop corrective measures for dealing with subsidence issues.

Where: mbrecht Hearing Room, 1516 Ninth St., Sacramento

When: Tuesday, November 10, 1 p.m.

Who: Various speakers including Energy Commission Chair Robert B. Weisenmiller

More information, and instructions for participating remotely, can be found in the workshop notice.

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The California Energy Commission is the state's primary energy policy and planning agency. The agency was established by the California Legislature through the Warren-Alquist Act in 1974. It has seven core responsibilities: advancing state energy policy, encouraging energy efficiency, certifying thermal power plants, investing in energy innovation, developing renewable energy, transforming transportation and preparing for energy emergencies.