California Energy Storage Showcase

Plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles with bi-directional charging stations provide transportation capabilities and grid reliability.

The vehicle-to-grid (V2G) demonstration project at Los Angeles Air Force Base uses a non-tactical fleet of 34 light- and medium- duty plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles (PEVs/PHEVs) and their bi-directional charging stations to provide normal daily vehicle capabilities, and reliability to the grid. The vehicles use the grid to recharge the batteries, and the battery-stored energy on board the vehicles becomes an available power grid asset.

This venture represents the first large-scale, market-integrated project to demonstrate full V2G capability, which allows PEV/PHEV owners to earn revenue by making stored energy available to the power grid.

Following the V2G demonstration, some batteries will be removed from the PEVs/PHEVs to evaluate and quantify potential impacts to the batteries from V2G operational cycles and to predict potential long-term impacts. This analysis will provide real-world data on the viability of V2G cost for PEVs/PHEVs, and fill gaps in understanding the potential impacts of V2G operations on PEV/PHEV batteries.

plugging in an electric vehicle to charge plugging in an electric vehicle to charge Charging station

Photos courtesy of US Air Force.



Demonstrating the value of energy storage to provide:

  • Reliability
  • Renewable integration
  • Ancillary services

Type of Technology

Lithium Ion – An energy-storage chemistry that is common in consumer electronics. Lithium-Ion batteries are also growing in popularity in electric vehicles and grid storage applications.

Quick Facts

  • Power Capacity Ratings: 5 vehicles at 50 kW and 29 at 15 kW
  • Energy Capacity Rating: Total Battery Capacity = 996 kWh
  • Type of Energy Storage: A 34-vehicle fleet with various lithium ion battery types: lithium iron magnesium phosphate, lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganese oxide
  • As of mid-May 2015, 20 vehicles are on base and 20 charging stations are installed.

Key Developers and Partners

LA Air Force Base's successful deployment of the V2G technology is a result of collaborations among more than 40 public-private organizations including:

  • National laboratories
  • Private industry energy providers
  • Multiple federal, state, and local public agencies

Energy Commission Funding

$4.7 million


In progress


Location of Air Force Vehicle-to-Grid Demonstration in California