California Energy Storage Showcase

Advancing Energy Storage in California.

The California Energy Commission (Energy Commission), the California Independent System Operator (ISO), and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), developed an energy storage roadmap (Roadmap) that identifies policy, technology and process changes to address challenges faced by the energy storage sector. The comprehensive roadmap assesses the current market environment and regulatory policies for connecting new energy storage technology to the state’s power grid. It is the result of collaboration by the three organizations and input from more than 400 stakeholders, including utilities, technology companies, environmental groups, and interested parties.

The roadmap focuses on activities that address three critical categories of challenges:

  • Expanding revenue opportunities for energy storage providers
  • Reducing costs of integrating and connecting to the power grid
  • Streamlining and defining policies and processes to increase the certainty of expected benefits of energy storage systems.

See the Roadmap: Advancing and Maximizing the Value of Energy Storage Technology: A California Roadmap.

The Energy Commission, the CPUC, and the ISO also posted a companion document to the Roadmap that identifies relevant agency activities to support the advancement and deployment of energy storage technologies. This document is Relevant CPUC, Energy Commission, and ISO Proceedings and Initiatives.

For additional information see the ISO's Energy Storage Roadmap page.


Quick Facts

  • The Roadmap will provide guidance to advance energy storage in California.
  • The collaborative stakeholder process to develop the Roadmap provided valuable insight into current barriers and potential needed actions.
  • The Roadmap initiative was motivated by recent regulatory and policy actions and to support California’s vision for a clean power grid.

Key Developers and Partners

  • California Independent System Operator
  • California Public Utilities Commission
  • California Energy Commission

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