Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative (RETI)

California has adopted energy policies that require substantial increases in the generation of electricity from renewable resources. Extensive improvements, however, are needed to California's electric transmission infrastructure to get the electricity generated by new renewable power facilities to consumers.

The Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative (RETI) is a statewide initiative to help identify the transmission projects needed to accommodate these renewable energy goals, support future energy policy, and facilitate transmission corridor designation and transmission and generation siting and permitting. RETI will be an open and transparent collaborative process in which all interested parties are encouraged to participate.

RETI will assess all competitive renewable energy zones in California and possibly also in neighboring states that can provide significant electricity to California consumers by the year 2020. RETI also will identify those zones that can be developed in the most cost effective and environmentally benign manner and will prepare detailed transmission plans for those zones identified for development.

The RETI effort will be supervised by a coordinating committee comprised of California entities responsible for ensuring the implementation of the state's renewable energy policies and development of electric infrastructure, namely:

  • California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)
  • California Energy Commission (Energy Commission)
  • California Independent System Operator (California ISO)
  • Publicly-Owned Utilities (SCPPA, SMUD, and NCPA)

RETI will:

  • Operate as a stakeholder planning collaborative and will involve a broad range of participants, first to gather information and advice, and then to build active and consensus support for specific plans for renewable energy and related transmission development;
  • Work within the existing planning processes at the California ISO, including any modifications to that planning process resulting from compliance with Order No. 890 of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission;
  • Support Energy Commission energy policy development, transmission planning, transmission corridor designation, and power plant siting to help facilitate and coordinate the planning and permitting of renewable energy related transmission and generation and minimize duplication of efforts; and
  • Work with the publicly-owned utilities (POUs), investor-owned utilities (IOUs), and developers.


2010 Award Winner
Clean Energy States Alliance Awards for RETI


News Media Contacts:

California Energy Commission
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California Public Utilities Commission
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California Independent System Operator
Stephanie McCorkle
Director, Communications and Public Relations
Phone: (916) 351-2238

Information About RETI

Stakeholder Steering Committee
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Plenary Stakeholder Group
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