Through grants from the Clean Transportation Program, ChargePoint will install at least 17 direct current (DC) dual-port fast chargers and 16 dual-port Level 2 chargers capable of charging a variety of light-duty EV vehicles at locations between the Oregon border and the city of Santa Clarita in Los Angeles County. These chargers support the transition to cars with no tailpipe pollution, helping improve air quality and combat climate change.

The project also supports the completion of the West Coast Electric Highway, an extensive network of EV DC fast charging stations along I-5, Highway 99, and other major roadways in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and California.

Clean Transportation Program Award Amount
More than $3.7 million total, three grants

Funding Category
EV Charging Infrastructure

Six sites along Interstate 5 corridor, extending from the Oregon border to the City of Santa Clarita in Los Angeles County