G4 and Placer County tested the biomethane performance in one of Placer County’s compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles, and assessed the feasibility of serving more than 50 CNG vehicles operating in the county, including 12 CNG buses.

Widespread implementation of G4’s technology could divert a large fraction of the wood waste generated from forest restoration and forest fuel reduction projects, helping offset project costs, lower fire risk, and produce enough biomethane to displace significant volumes of fossil fuel in California.

In addition to converting wood waste to biomethane, G4's thermochemical process generates surplus water and heat. The latter can be used to produce surplus power. A full-scale plant would be able to export more than 15 megawatts of power while providing all of the heating and water needs of the plant.

Clean Transportation Program Award Amount
$1.2 million

Funding Category 
Biofuel Production and Supply

Auburn, Placer County