Power Plant Siting Lessons Learned

Docket # 10-SIT-OII-1


Karen Douglas, Lead Commissioner


On December 1, 2010, the California Energy Commission adopted an Order Instituting an Informational Proceeding (Lessons Learned) on issues that are critical to the licensing of power plants. Commission staff has been assessing the Energy Commission's siting processes and examining critical issues common among solar-thermal and conventional power plants. The Commission staff will use the information gathered during this proceeding to prepare a report which will describe the topics examined, issues identified, the significance of the issues in the licensing process, prioritization of issues, and actions needed to avoid or address any problems identified. Based upon the outcome of the OII Proceeding, the Commission may recommend changes to the siting process including changes to regulations.

Information from this process resulted in Commission staff developing comprehensive revisions to the Commission's regulations to improve Commission process and procedures and to address stakeholder concerns that can be found at www.energy.ca.gov/title20/2014prerulemaking/. Commission staff looks forward to working with stakeholders during this informal pre-rulemaking period to continue to develop effective process and procedures, especially in the context of siting and adjudicatory proceedings.

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