Beacon Solar Energy Project Compliance Proceeding

IMPORTANT NOTE: This page has been superceded by the Energy Commission's e-filing and e-commenting database and is no longer updated. To access documents for this proceeding, use the "Documents for this Proceeding (Docket Log)" and other e-filing links on this proceeding's home page.

Docket Number: 08-AFC-2C (Compliance Proceeding)

Compliance Documents and Notices

Notice of Receipt - Request to Terminate the California Energy Commission Decision for the Beacon Solar Energy Project. Dated june 11, 2013. Posted June 11, 2013. (PDF file, 3 page, 33 kb)

Beacon Solar LLC Request for Termination of Commission License. Dated May 13, 2013. Posted June 5, 2013. (PDF file, 1 page, 422 kb)