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The California Energy Commission’s (Energy Commission’s) School Bus Replacement Program announces the availability of up to $78.7 million in grant funds for the replacement of the oldest school buses in California.

Additional Information

  • Notice of Proposed Award and Revised Notices (see Solicitation Files)
  • Rank List of Electric School Bus Applicants (see Solicitation Files)
  • Addendum 1 makes changes to the solicitation manual (see Solicitation Files)
  • Addendum 2 updates/edits the GFO Application Manual as follows: update the Application (Attachment 1), the instructions to the application and add an Appendix B to the application all to include joint power authorities (JPA); update Attachment 13 to include a PDF of Appendix B; clarify that each applicant is eligible to receive a maximum of 10 school buses; and add reference to Appendix B in evaluation criterion (see Solicitation Files).
  • Addendum 4 updates/edits the GFO Application Manual as follows: clarify how the award amount will be determined, delete the requirement that the electronic PDF version of the application must include a signature, add information for applicants using the electronic system for submitting an application, and edit the Abstract Administrative Screening Criteria (see Solicitation Files).
  • How to Apply for School Bus Replacement Funds - YouTube Video

Pre-Application Workshop - June 12, 2018