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The purpose of this solicitation is to fund applied research and development, and technology demonstration and deployment projects of advanced window and building envelope systems in single family residential homes, low-rise multifamily residential buildings, and mobile homes. The objective is to reduce HVAC and/or lighting energy use and advance California’s goal of decarbonization of the building sector.  

For example, by tightening building envelopes and considering new types of installation techniques, less energy would be used to heat and cool buildings, indoor conditions could be easier to regulate, and buildings could require smaller HVAC units. Also, load shifting strategies could emphasize pre-cooling buildings to avoid the afternoon ramp-up of air conditioning use, improved envelopes will be an important element to make this strategy workable.  

To be eligible, projects must fall within one of the following project groups: 

  • Group 1: Demonstrate Fenestration Advancements in Existing Low-rise Multifamily and Single Family Residential Buildings in Disadvantaged or Low-income Communities – TRL 6-9
  • Group 2: Develop, Test and Validate Innovative Exterior Prefabricated Envelope Packages for Low-rise Multifamily Building Retrofits – TRL 3-5
  • Group 3: Develop and Test Advanced Envelope Measures for Single Family Mobile Homes – TRL 3-5 

Additional Information

  • Addendum 1 - Purpose of this addendum is to notify potential applicants of changes to the solicitation manual and Attachment 11 (See solicitation files)
  • Addendum 2 - Purpose of this addendum is to notify potential applicants of changes that have been made to the solicitation manual, Attachment 6A for GFO-19-307, and Questions and Answers. (See solicitation files)
  • Pre-Application Workshop Presentation (See solicitation files)
  • Pre-Application Workshop Attendee List (See solicitation files)
  • Notice of Proposed Awards - Cover letter and Results (See solicitation files)


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