2005 Building Energy Efficiency Standards

Effective through December 31, 2009

The 2013 Standards went into effect July 1, 2014, and supersede the 2005 and 2008 Standards. Projects that apply for a building permit on or after this date must comply with the 2013 Standards.

The Energy Commission adopted the 2005 changes to the Building Energy Efficiency Standards, for a number of compelling reasons:

  • To respond to California's energy crisis to reduce energy bills, increase energy delivery system reliability, and contribute to an improved economic condition for the state;
  • To respond to the AB 970 (Statutes of 2000) urgency legislation to adopt and implement updated and cost-effective building energy efficiency standards;
  • To respond to the SB 5X (Statutes of 2001) urgency legislation to adopt energy efficiency building standards for outdoor lighting; and
  • To emphasize energy efficiency measures that save energy at peak periods and seasons, improve the quality of installation of energy efficiency measures, incorporate recent publicly funded building science research, and collaborate with California utilities to incorporate results of appropriate market incentives programs for specific technologies.

The Energy Commission adopted the 2005 Standards on November 5, 2003, and the Building Standards Commission adopted them on July 21, 2004.

2005 Residential and Nonresidential Compliance Manuals

Adopted Amendments


2005 Standards for Residential and Nonresidential Buildings

Adopted Amendments


Revisions to 2005 Standards

Compliance Options

Public Resource Code Section 25402.I(b) and Section 10-109 of the Building Energy Efficiency Standards authorizes the Energy Commission to approve compliance options, including alternative calculation methods for designs, materials or devices that cannot be adequately modeled using the compliance tools that have previously been approved for showing compliance with the standards.

The Energy Commission has approved the following compliance options for use with the 2005 Standards:

Thermal Energy Storage

Thermal Energy Storage: Compliance Option - REVISED Draft Staff Report, publication number CEC-400-2007-013-SD, posted August 8, 2007. (PDF file, 31 pgs, 329 kb)

Ice Storage Air Conditioners - Approved on April 26, 2006

Ice Storage Air Conditioners - Compliance Options Application- Staff Final Report, publication number CEC-400-2006-006-SF, posted December 8, 2006. (Acrobat PDF, 44 pages, 480 kb).

If you wish to look up data for appliances associated with these compliance options go to the SPECIAL CASE APPLIANCE APPROVAL PAGE contained in the Ice Storage Air Conditioners Compliance Options Applications Staff Report found at:

Evaporatively Cooled Condensing Units - Approved on January 20, 2006

Evaporatively Cooled Condensing Units: Compliance Options Application - Staff Report, publication number CEC-400-2006-003-SF-REV1. Revision posted July 24, 2008. (Acrobat PDF, 25 pages, 256 kb).

If you wish to look up data for appliances associated with this compliance option download the "Water Cooled AC.zip " file on the Central Air Conditioners page of the Historical Appliances Database

Supporting Documents

2005 Joint Appendices - Unmarked Version - Publication number 400-03-001-JAF - October 2004, (Acrobat PDF file, 172 pages, 2 megabytes)

2005 Joint Appendices - Marked Version - Publication number 400-03-001JAF-M. (since this is a new document for 2005, underlined and strikeout text shows changes only to the first draft of this document) (Acrobat PDF file, 194 pages, 4.4 megabytes)

Addendum to Joint Appendix IV Approved Alternative Construction Assemblies

2005 Residential ACM Approval Manual (marked and unmarked versions)

2005 Nonresidential ACM Manual (marked and unmarked versions)