Outdoor Lighting Zones -
2005 Building Energy Efficiency Standards

The Energy Commission adopted changes to the Title 24, Parts 1 and 6, Building Energy Efficiency Standards on November 5, 2003. These new Standards become effective on October 1, 2005. Included in the changes to the Standards are new requirements for outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Zones - General Information (Acrobat PDF file, 6 pages, 140 kilobytes)

US Census page, year 2000 gateway

Notice for Local Jurisdictions to Submit Adjustments to Default Outdoor Lighting Zones (Includes Forms) (Acrobat PDF file, 4 pages, 148 kilobytes) Online: September 8, 2004.

You may also download the instructions and form separately below:

Instructions and Data Form (Acrobat PDF file, 3 pages, 132 kilobytes)

List of Changes to Outdoor Lighting Zones (Updated on October 2, 2008) (Acrobat PDF file, 2 page, 20 kilobytes)