Special Case Appliance Approvals

Special Case Appliance Approvals For Doe Waivers, Compliance Options, And Building Standards Regulated Appliances

This page includes listings of appliances that may be approved or receive a waiver under three special cases. The three cases are:

  • U.S. Department Of Energy Interim or Permanent Waiver
  • 2005 Energy Efficiency Building Standards Compliance Option
  • 2005 Energy Efficiency Building Standards Section 112 Approved Appliances


U.S. Department Of Energy Interim or Permanent Waiver

This listing includes appliances which have received an interim or permanent waiver from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), exempting the appliance from meeting minimal federal efficiency requirements. These waivers are given to appliances, which have a design or function that cannot be measured using existing testing procedures. DOE's exemption would result in the appliance not being marketable in California based on the current Appliance Efficiency Regulations.

This listing will permit the installation of appliances using new technologies to be installed in California, allowing the opportunity for the Energy Commission to evaluate the relative merits of each appliance. For the purposes of compliance with the 2005 Building Energy Efficiency Standards, all equipments on this list are assigned the minimal efficiency value defined by regulations of the closest associated appliance.

Appliances placed in this DOE waiver list will be removed when one of following situations exist:

  • The appliance is tested and rated under a test procedure recognized by the Energy Commission. In this case the appliance would be added to the Appliance Efficiency Database.
  • A compliance option is approved by the Energy Commission which incorporates the appliances performance. For this situation the appliance would be required to be listed as part of the compliance option database.
  • Data is provided to the Energy Commission which demonstrates that the appliance does not meet the minimal efficiency requirement used as the reference in this database.


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