Rulemaking on 2013 Acceptance Test Provider Certification

Docket #12-BSTD-02

Commissioner: Karen Douglas

The California Energy Commission is opening a public process and rulemaking proceeding to adopt changes to the Building Energy Efficiency Standards contained in the California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 24, Part 6 (also known as the California Energy Code), and associated administrative regulations in Part 1 (collectively referred to here as the Standards). The proposed amended standards will be adopted in 2014.

The California Energy Commission staff will conduct workshops to present proposed draft language for certification of Lighting Controls and Mechanical Acceptance Test providers and obtain public suggestions and comment. The scope, time, and date of these workshops will be publicly noticed on the workshops page and via the Building Energy Efficiency Standards ListServ.

Interested parties should be aware the investor-owned utilities (IOUs) in California conduct the statewide Codes and Standards programs through Public Goods Charge funding. (See Assem. Bill 1890, Stat. 1996, Ch. 854; Pub.Util. Code, ยง 334, et seq.) In anticipation of the 2013 revisions to the Standards, the IOUs are conducting a number of Codes and Standards Enhancement (CASE) Initiatives. These Initiatives address areas of potential change to the Standards that are promising based on the results of utility research and the success of incentives programs, and they document the potential energy savings, cost implications, and specific approaches associated with proposals by the IOUs for revisions to the Standards. Although outside the scope of the Energy Commission's rulemaking proceeding for the 2013 Standards, these Initiatives are important. The California Energy Commission expects the IOUs to engage building industry stakeholders throughout the development of their CASE Initiatives so that these initiatives will be adequately vetted with affected stakeholders prior to proposing potential revisions to the Standards.

If you have questions regarding the ATTCP Program or about becoming an approved ATTCP, contact:

Joe Loyer
California Energy Commission
1516 9th Street, MS-26
Sacramento, CA 95814

For members of the news media, please contact the Media and Public Communications Office at 916-654-4989.

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