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Welcome to the California Energy Commission
2001 Building Energy Efficiency Standards
Associated Documents and Filings

Note: Documents listed on this page are normally in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). You will need the FREE Acrobat Reader software to read and print these documents.

CONTRACTOR'S REPORT: Split System Space Cooling Refrigerant Charge and Airflow Measurement -- AB 970 Building Energy Efficiency Standards
Publication # 400-01-014, (Adobe Acrobat PDF File, 51 pages, 260 kilobytes). Placed on line March 20, 2001

Pacific Gas and Electric Company: AB 970 Nonresidential Standards Proposals, Codes and Standards Enhancement (CASE) Study. Lighting Controls, High Albedo Roofs, and Site Built Fenestration Rating.
(Acrobat PDF file, 100 pages, 362 kilobytes)

Consultant's Report (Commission Publication # P400-00-019) -- 2001 UPDATE - CALIFORNIA NONRESIDENTIAL ENERGY EFFICIENCY STANDARDS, TIER 1: A New Energy Standard for State Buildings. (Acrobat PDF file, 24 pages, 141 kilobytes).

Contractor's Report (Commission Publication # P400-00-014) -- Report Identifying Potential Upgrades to the 1998 California Energy Efficiency Standards. (Acrobat PDF file, 51 pages, 1.5 MB).

Previous Publications

Note: These are draft documents that have been replaced by final versions available at: www.energy.ca.gov/title24/

AB 970 Energy Efficiency Standards for Nonresidential Buildings

Volume 1 - Measure Analysis
(Acrobat PDF file, 216 pages, 1.1 megabytes)

Volume 2 - Draft Standard
(Acrobat PDF file, 66 pages, 436 kilobytes)

Volume 3 - Draft ACM Manual
(Acrobat PDF file, 47 pages, 312 kilobytes)

Volume 4 - Impact Analysis
(Acrobat PDF file, 21 pages, 168 kilobytes)

AB 970 Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential Buildings

Volume 1 - Summary
(Acrobat PDF file, 18 pages, 64 kilobytes)

Volume 2 - Proposed Standards and ACM Manual Changes
(Acrobat PDF file, 65 pages pages, 304 kilobytes)

Volume 3 - Analysis and Impact
(Acrobat PDF file, 76 pages, 324 kilobytes)

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