California Energy Storage Showcase

Utility Demonstration of Znyth™ Battery Technology to Characterize Performance and Grid Benefits

The project will help determine the viability a rechargeable zinc hybrid cathode battery can cost-effectively provide the grid: peak shaving, ancillary services, load following, and frequency regulations. Eos will demonstrate a 125kW/500kWh AC integrated energy storage system employing Eos’ low-cost, long life, energy dense and inherently safe Znyth™ battery technology. This system will be integrated with intelligent control software and installed at Pacific Gas and Electric’s (PG&E) San Ramon Advanced Technology Services testing facility to enable economic evaluation of grid services under simulated conditions in a representative grid-connected environment. Eos and project team members will test the storage system against a variety of utility specific use cases and will illustrate the technology’s ability to achieve the Energy Commission’s performance targets and financial targets of keeping costs under $200/kWh when manufactured at scale.

The test protocols will be designed in collaboration with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and PG&E to ensure unique utility scale requirements are incorporated. Applications tested will include transmission and distribution infrastructure deferral, frequency regulation, cost effectiveness, load following and integration of PV generation. The proposed project will build capabilities to ensure system interoperability with utility communication/control systems and enable prioritized functionality in response to real-time grid conditions. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory will model a portion of the PG&E distribution grid to conduct real time simulations of system performance and ultimately enable the quantification of benefits for Californian ratepayers.

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Demonstrating the value of energy storage to provide:

  • Economic evaluation of the fundamental requirements for grid-connected energy storage.
  • Potential distributed peaking capacity.
  • Utility specific use-cases for safe, modular, and easy to install technology.

Type of Technology

Eos’ proprietary Znyth™ (zinc hybrid cathode) chemistry is a low-cost, long life, energy dense and inherently safe battery technology. Eos’ sealed, static-cell sub-module design allows for low-cost integration in ISO containers or other enclosures to create the Aurora DC battery solution, which is equipped with battery management system software and protection hardware.

Quick Facts

  • Power Capacity Rating: 125kW
  • Energy Capacity Rating: 500kWh
  • Discharge time: 4 hours
  • Type of Energy Storage: zinc hybrid cathode battery

Key Developers and Partners

  • Pacific Gas & Electric
  • Electric Power Research Institute
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Energy Commission Funding



In development, to be completed in mid- 2017.


Location of Utility Demonstration of Znyth™ Battery Technology to Characterize Performance and Grid Benefits


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