Increasing power generation of clean energy with
fewer wind turbines.

Shiloh Wind Project, located in the Montezuma Hills of Solano County, California, is the largest re-powering project in the country. The older, existing technology was upgraded to allow for increased generation of clean energy with fewer wind turbines. Approximately 100 kilowatt turbines originally installed in 1989 have been removed and replaced through four phases. Phase one of the project began in 2005. By 2012, the fourth and final phase was completed.

This comprehensive and collaborative wind project began with Shiloh 1, which is owned and operated by Iberdrola Renewables. Shiloh 1 consists of 100 turbines, each with a generating capacity of 1.5 MW. Located on 6,800 acres in the rural community of Bird’s Landing, the site is leased from 26 local farmers and cattle continue to graze there. The electricity is purchased by Pacific Gas and Electric (75 MW), the Modesto Irrigation District (50 MW), and the City of Palo Alto (25 MW).

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The Shiloh Wind Projects in the Montezuma Hills of Solano County, California. Shiloh I wind project wind turbines and horses

Photos Courtesy of Iberdrola Renewables



  • The project is estimated to offset over 380 million pounds of carbon dioxide, over 450,000 pound of nitrogen oxide, and over 250,000 pounds of sulfur dioxide for its customers.
  • Construction created more than 90 seasonal jobs and 12 permanent fulltime positions.
  • The project brings more than $1 million annually to the local economy.

Key Developers and Partners

  • Iberdrola Renewables
  • Pacific Gas and Electric
  • Modesto Irrigation District
  • City of Palo Alto
Map of Shiloh Wind Power Plant in California


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