Adopt-A-Charger State Parks Project

Through a $491,342 Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program (ARFVTP) grant to Adopt a Charger, a nonprofit focused on accelerating adoption of plug-in electric vehicles by increasing access to free electric vehicle (EV) chargers, the California Energy Commission is supporting the installation of 60 EV chargers at California State Parks throughout the state.

With the Energy Commission’s support, this project is helping to provide visitors and park employees with access to charging infrastructure, and support the state’s transition to clean, zero-emission electric vehicles.

The chargers support the transition to cars with no tailpipe pollution, helping improve air quality and combat climate change. These chargers are part of a growing network that provides drivers with the convenient access to places to plug in and fuel up.

ARFVTP Award Amount

Funding Category
EV Charging Infrastructure

60 EV chargers at California State Parks throughout the state

Top Photo: Electric Vehicle Charger at State Park, Bottom Photo: State Park Visitors Charging their Electric Car
Photos courtesy of Mendocino Land Trust.

"We must demonstrate that reducing carbon is compatible with an
abundant economy and human well-being."

Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.