Altex's energy-efficient, cost-effective system is producing renewable, low-carbon synthetic gasoline from biowaste.

Altex Technologies Corporation has developed an energy-efficient, cost-effective system for producing renewable, low-carbon synthetic gasoline using waste generated by forest management and crops grown for energy production. Using a $999,993 grant awarded by the California Energy Commission in November 2015, Altex is testing the technical and economic feasibility of a commercial-scale operation.

Altex is demonstrating its current conversion system, which produces one barrel of renewable gasoline a day, to design a commercial plant capable of producing 3,000 barrels a day at a cost of less than $2 per gallon. The tests will also be used to determine the proposed plant’s economic and environmental impacts.

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Scientist in a lab Scientist in a lab Scientist in a lab

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  • Potential to produce a cost-competitive, renewable fuel chemically identical to petroleum gasoline that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 70 percent compared to the displaced petroleum. This is the first investment of its kind for the ARFVTP.

  • Potential to develop a roadmap for the commercial-scale conversion of forest management waste and energy crops to renewable, low-carbon synthetic gasoline.

  • Market commercialization of the technology could create more than 70 jobs for every commercial-size plant constructed, with each of these plants displacing 105 million gallons of petroleum-based gasoline a year and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 800,000 metric tons a year.

Type of Project

Biofuels: Early & Pre-Commercial Technology

ARFVTP Award Amount



Testing and demonstration is ongoing until September 2018


The Altex Technologies Corporation Biofuel Production Facility is located in Paramount, California


Altex Biofuel System

Biofuels: Early & Pre-Commercial Technology

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