Partnering with the California Community Colleges
Chancellor's Office to advance alternative fuels workforce
training across the state.

The California community colleges system is the largest higher education system in the country and has the potential to take the lead in producing certified workers and graduates to fill the needs of regional alternative fuel and advanced vehicle technology companies.

The Energy Commission has funded 14 community colleges and awarded grants for equipment purchases, train-the-trainer efforts, and curriculum development for the advancement of alternative fuels workforce training.

The California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office has compiled assessment reports to guide the development and refinement of the workforce training program’s efforts and provide information for future investment planning. The reports itemized the training and instructional needs of the community colleges and the training and instructional resources existing within the community college system, as well as occupational and industry information to identify training needs by region.

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students examining car engine mobile training trailer Shiny black car on a mechanic's lift

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  • American River College offers courses on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Plug-In Hybrid, Electric Vehicle, and Hybrid Diesel technologies at two training locations in Sacramento and offers training for incumbent automotive technicians from various dealers, fleets and independent repair shops.

  • Solano Community College leveraged local bond funds and resources to refurbish a formerly vacant car dealership in Vallejo and transformed it into a lab for students to learn how to service and repair alternative fuel vehicles.

  • Rio Hondo Community College has one of the only a handful of Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology courses in the State and is awaiting approval for an Associate of Science (AS) degree for Electric vehicle/Hybrid/Fuel Cell Technician.

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