Crimson’s biodiesel facility in Bakersfield is working to meet increasing demand for low-carbon biodiesel.

Crimson Renewable Energy LP's biodiesel facility in Bakersfield is the largest biodiesel production and distribution facility in California. Using two $5 million grants awarded in August 2013 and May 2014 by the California Energy Commission, Crimson is working to meet the increasing demand for the low-carbon fuel, used to meet state and federal emissions standards, while also reducing its facility’s greenhouse gas emissions and water waste.

Crimson’s plant produces biodiesel for the California market using feedstocks such as used cooking oil, animal fats, and waste corn oil from the ethanol production process.

Crimson used one grant to increase the facility’s biodiesel production from 10 million gallons per year to 17 million gallons per year. The company also reduced the carbon content of the biodiesel produced by increasing the facility’s ability to process ultra-low carbon feedstocks such as algal oil or sorghum oil from ethanol plants. The grant was also used to reduce the facility’s water consumption by 50 percent.

The second grant is funding Crimson’s efforts to increase the facility’s biodiesel production to 22 million gallons, and enable the exclusive use of ultra-low carbon feedstock. This also reduces the facility’s water consumption.

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Biodiesel facility Biodiesel facility  Top of Biodiesel facility

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  • Uses ultra-low carbon feedstocks that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Improves the sustainability of the facility with a goal of reducing water consumption by over 50 percent.

  • Created 65 short-term construction jobs, and supports 13 additional full-time operational jobs.

Type of Project


ARFVTP Award Amount

Phase I Grant: $5 million
Phase II Grant: $5 million


Phase I Work began January 2014 and was completed August 2016. Phase II work will continue through 2017.


The Crimson Biodiesel Facility is located in Bakersfield, California


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