Using waste diverted from landfills, CR&R Incorporated is producing low-carbon, renewable biomethane.

CR&R used a $5 million grant awarded by the California Energy Commission in June 2011 to build a state-of-the-art anaerobic digester at its waste transfer facility in Perris, California. The anaerobic digester – one of four planned for the site - is capable of processing 200 tons of residential curbside waste such as green waste and food scraps every day. From this waste, the digester can produce enough renewable natural gas to displace the equivalent of 865,000 gallons of diesel fuel each year.

The grant was also used to add unique waste sorting equipment that will improve efficiency.

The renewable natural gas produced by this project will be used to fuel CR&R’s fleet of natural gas garbage trucks and waste haulers. The excess renewable natural gas will be injected into the natural gas pipeline for general use. The anaerobic digester system will also produce solid and liquid fertilizers as a co-product that can be used for farming and landscaping purposes.

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Gas piping (foreground) and anaerobic digester (background). Anaerobic digester. Biogas purifying equipment (foreground) and anaerobic digester (background).

Photos courtesy of CR&R.



  • Building the anaerobic digester created an estimated 75 construction jobs. Operating the facility will provide 25 jobs.

  • Diverts municipal solid wastes such as green waste and food scraps from landfills and converts it to low-carbon renewable natural gas.

  • Allows CR&R to operate its natural gas garbage trucks and waste haulers with low-carbon renewable natural gas.

Type of Project

Renewable natural gas production

ARFVTP Award Amount

$5 million


Construction began in April 2014, and operations began in October 2016.


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