This 12-month project will reduce petroleum consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and criteria air pollutants.

The California Energy Commission awarded the City of Los Angeles Harbor Department (Port of Los Angeles) $5.8 million in June of 2016 to demonstrate zero- and near-zero emission vehicles and other technology for loading and unloading cargo at the Everport container terminal. The project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality in the port and nearby communities severely impacted by pollution.

As part of the demonstration, the Port of Los Angeles will equip five yard tractors with an all-electric, zero-emission propulsion system. The port will also deploy 20 yard tractors equipped with engines fueled with renewable natural gas that reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90 percent. Operating these engines will result in virtually no emissions of the criteria air pollutants that impact local public health, such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and particulate matter. This is the first test of the natural gas engine in an off-road yard tractor.

The port will also outfit 100 trucks with a variety of proven advanced technologies to demonstrate their ability to reduce freight-induced environmental impacts while improving mobility and reducing congestion in and around the port.

The 12-month demonstration will provide terminal operators with long-term, hands-on experience with the advanced vehicles and technologies, improving market acceptance of these advancements. The project will also help reduce petroleum consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and criteria air pollutants.

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  • Using electric yard tractors will reduce tailpipe emissions by 100 percent.

  • Emission reductions will mean cleaner air for the surrounding communities, many of which are impacted by air pollution.

  • The project plans to eliminate 300,000 gallons of petroleum use and 1,210 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

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