Driving to Cleaner Transportation Projects

Through the administration of the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program (ARFVTP), the California Energy Commission is investing in clean transportation projects to help meet California's climate change, air quality and public health goals. Awarding as much as $100 million annually through the program, the Energy Commission is leveraging private investment to transform California's vehicle fleet, grow the economy, and increase energy security through fuel diversity.

This site showcases projects that range from converting food and agricultural waste into biofuels to developing California's electric vehicle and natural gas infrastructure. These projects demonstrate the Energy Commission's portfolio approach, which uses near- and long-term innovative technologies to reduce pollution and emissions from California's passenger vehicles and trucks.

Moving toward a zero-emission transportation future

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2016 Projects

Link to The AltAir Fuels Biofuel Production Facility project page Link to The Cummins-Westport Low-NOx Engine project page Link to The Motiv Power Systems’ AmeriPride Fleet Project page Link to the Ontario Hydrogen Refueling Station project page Link to Atlas Disposal Industries project page Link to Cal Tech  project page Link to Edeniq, Inc. project page Link to Pixley Biogas, LLC project page Link to UCSD Electric Vehicle Charging Project page

2015 Projects

school buses fueling with compressed natural gas 3 buster biofuels tanker trucks with their drivers standing nearby mobile device to test hydrogen refueling dispensers California Labor Federation technician Off-road Large Excavator CleanWorld biodigester Electric Vehicle Charging Station PG&E range-extended electric truck Machinery inside a Biodiesel facility  fleet of CNG- powered solid waste collection vehicles