Web Broadcasts at the California Energy Commission

The California Energy Commission encourages public participation in its public meetings. To facilitate participation we broadcast many of our public meetings and workshops over the internet using WebEx online meeting service. Full details about the broadcast of a meeting can be found in the notice for that meeting.

Upcoming WebEx Webcasts

Webex at the Energy Commission

February 19, 2019
Joint Electric Program Investment Charge Program Innovation Symposium
Beginning at 9 a.m.

WebEx and Conference Call-in-toll-free number: 1-866-469-3239
Please go to https://energy.webex.com/ec

Access codes: 
Room Number - Meeting Number
Room 306/307/308 (General Sessions) - 926 591 014
Room 302/303 (Breakout Session Room) - 922 850 591
Room 304/305 (Breakout Session Room) - 923 530 392
Room 309/310 (Breakout Session Room) - 926 589 456

February 20, 2019
Energy Commission Business Meeting
Beginning at 10 a.m.

The Business Meeting is broadcast via WebEx, the Energy Commission's on-line meeting service. To listen to the meeting and view any presentations, please click the following link or paste it into your browser:


You may also go to https://energy.webex.com/ec and click on the Business Meeting link. If you can’t find the Business Meeting link, click on the “Unlisted Events” link on the left of your screen and enter Meeting Number 929 701 199. The WebEx broadcast is listen-only. To make a comment or ask a question, please call into the meeting at 888-823-5065 as described above.

February 20, 2019
Pre-Application Workshop for PON-18-101 ECCA-Ed Subaccount Competitive Loan Program
Beginning at 1:30 p.m.

Go to https://energy.webex.com/mw3300/mywebex/default.do?siteurl=energy
and enter the unique meeting number: 925 262 407 if necessary. When prompted, enter your name. Password is not needed.

February 22, 2019
Disadvantaged Communities Advisory Group Meeting by the California Energy Commission and the California Public Utilities Commission
Beginning at 10 a.m.

Via Computer: Go to https://energy.webex.com and enter Meeting Number 
929 414 121
When prompted, enter your name and email address. No password is needed

February 28, 2019
Pre-Application Workshop - GFO-18-304 - Bringing Rapid Innovation Development to Green Energy (BRIDGE) - Energy Storage
Beginning at 9:30 a.m.

To join the WebEx meeting, go to https://energy.webex.com and enter the meeting number and password below:
Meeting Number: 926 709 003
Meeting Password: meeting@930
Topic: Pre-Bid Workshop for Solicitation EPC-18-304: Bringing Rapid Innovation Development to Green Energy (BRIDGE) - Energy Storage

March 04, 2019
IEPR Commissioner Workshop on Data Inputs and Assumptions for 2019 IEPR Modeling and Forecasting Activities
Beginning at 10 a.m.

Via Computer: Go to https://energy.webex.com/ec. If this event is listed, click “Join.” If not, click “Unlisted Events” on the top left of the screen and enter Event Number 922 967 734. When prompted, enter your name and email address. No password is needed.

smart phone Access WebEx meetings from your mobile device

Participation through WebEx

Specific WebEx instructions are found within each meeting notice.

Please be aware that WebEx audio and on-screen activity may be recorded.

  1. Please go to https://energy.webex.com and enter the meeting number.
  2. When prompted, enter your information and the meeting password.
  3. After logging in on the computer, an Audio Conference Box will offer you the choice of phone connections:
    • To Have WebEx Call You Back: Type your area code and phone number and click "Call Me"
    • To Call Into The Teleconference: Use the drop-down box to select "I will call in" and follow the on-screen directions
    • International Callers: Select a Global call-in number here.
    • To Listen Over The Computer: If you have the needed equipment and your computer is configured, click on "Use Computer Headset" and then "Call Using Computer" to use VoIP (Internet phone)

Telephone Only (No Computer Access): Call 1-866-469-3239 (toll-free in the U.S. and Canada) and when prompted enter the unique meeting number. International Callers can select a Global call-in number here.

WebEx Technical Support is available at 1-866-229-3239.


WebEx Recording Playback

Where links to WebEx recordings are provided on our website the WebEx player is automatically installed when you click the link to begin playback.

Problems with playback? Contact WebEx technical support at 1-866 229-3239.