Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement award recognizes an individual who has retired or announced their retirement during the year of the event who has at least 20 years of experience advancing clean energy, is seen as a leader in their community, and who has had a significant positive impact on the State of California and environmental justice communities.

Image of Dr. James O'Bannon

Dr. James O’Bannon

From a childhood in Mississippi where he believed his best career option was to become a bricklayer, Dr. James O’Bannon became a leading international voice in the field of energy efficiency, helping accelerate California’s clean energy future. He is the founder of the exemplary construction management department at Chico State where energy efficiency rules supreme and is a beloved mentor at the university and in the local community.

Clean Energy Champion Awards   

Four Clean Energy Champion awards recognize individuals or organizations who are contributing to California’s clean energy future through their bold moves, leadership, and innovative ideas, while helping benefit communities in California through more equitable outcomes.

Image of Arla Ramsey

Arla Ramsey

As the leading catalyst behind a tribal-owned microgrid in Humboldt County, Arla Ramsey has prepared her community to defend against natural catastrophes and emergencies. She has also contributed significantly to the acceptance of women in leadership roles.

Image of Eddie Price

Eddie Price 

With passion and skill, Eddie has helped triple the number of households in underserved San Diego communities receiving affordable solar energy -- all while instituting a workforce development curriculum for communities that have been historically overlooked.

Image of Pamela Quan

Pamela Quan

On the rooftops of San Francisco, Pamela Quan has seized opportunity and turned it into a career for her and others. She is a former trainee turned solar-plus-battery installation crew leader who motivates others to join her on the clean energy path.

Image of Rey Leon

Rey Leon 

Rey Leon is the mind and heart driving the innovative Green Raiteros electric vehicle ridesharing program. It offers residents of the town of Huron, mostly farmworkers, free transportation to and from critical services and errands, such as doctor and social services appointments.

Youth Game-Changer Award

The Youth Game-Changer award recognizes an individual who is 18 years of age or younger who, or an entity/organization focused on youth that, is helping to advance California toward a clean energy future through innovative methods and inspiring the new generation of energy experts, entrepreneurs, and leaders to change the game.

Image of Kaushik Tota

Kaushik Tota

Ever since elementary school, Kaushik Tota has been passionate about the climate crisis and – fortunately for us and all Californians – determined to do something about it. Kaushik is now a senior at Saint Francis High School in Sunnyvale. He has leveraged scientific innovation, community engagement, and policy advocacy to promote environmentalism amongst his peers and his community. 

California Energy Commission’s Clean Energy Hall of Fame Awards