Meet the commissioners of the California Energy Commission.

Business Meetings

Review monthly agendas and back-up materials, minutes, and transcripts.

California Energy Commission’s Clean Energy Hall of Fame Awards

California Energy Commission’s Clean Energy Hall of Fame Awards recognizes leaders advancing California’s clean energy goals.

Core Responsibility Fact Sheets

Learn the responsibilities and polices that guide the Energy Commission.

Our Organization

How the Energy Commission is organized.

Executive Leadership

Meet the California Energy Commission’s Executive Leadership team.

Divisions and Offices

Learn about the California Energy Commission's divisions and offices.


Recent accomplishments and highlights.


Our commitments to diversity, international collaboration, and public participation.


Review completed CEC-801 forms regarding gifts.

California Energy Commission’s 45th Anniversary Events

In celebration of its 45th anniversary, the California Energy Commission hosted two special events in December 2020.

State Leadership Accountability Act (SLAA) Reports

State Leadership Accountability Act requires state agencies to monitor their internal control systems to ensure government funds are used as intended.