About Data and Reports

California Power Generation and Power Sources

California's economy depends upon affordable, reliable, and environmentally sound supplies of renewable, hydroelectric, and natural gas energy.

Energy Almanac

The Energy Almanac is a central repository for data and information on such topics as energy supply, demand, conservation, and public safety.

Energy Insights

Data insights and updates on California’s energy consumption and generation trends.

Energy Maps of California

The California Energy Commission’s GIS Unit provides geographic and geospatial information services, including maps and GIS data and programs.

Integrated Energy Policy Report - IEPR

The IEPR provides a cohesive approach to identifying and solving the state’s pressing energy needs and issues.

Planning and Forecasting

The California Energy Commission assesses and forecasts the state’s energy systems and trends.


The Calfornia Energy Commission prepares reports, including an Integrated Energy Policy Report, on a range of issues such as fuels and energy storage.


Current and historical weekly data on refinery production and output in California.

Tracking Progress

The Tracking Progress reports assess California’s progress toward a global clean energy future.

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