The information is used to update the light-duty vehicle choice models used to generate vehicle demand forecasts and provide understanding about such questions as:

  • How many cars will be on California roads?
  • How much and what kind of fuels will they use?
  • Does California transportation energy infrastructure meet the future needs in California?

The information will help planners, energy suppliers, and policy makers anticipate the changing needs of California vehicle owners. The main survey starts in June 2019. Between June and July, households and businesses, randomly selected for participation, will receive a post card in the mail inviting them to participate in this survey. Responding to the received post card can make a difference for all of us in California.

Accessing the Data

The 2013 and 2017 survey data are at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) at Transportation Secure Data Center (TSDC). Create a free account to access the data.

The data include information on the participants’ current household and commercial vehicles and their preferences for a hypothetical set of vehicles. There is also information on travel behavior.

Accessing Survey Reports

Resources Systems Group prepared the technical reports for the 2017 California Vehicle Survey for the Energy Commission. The first part was on survey design. The second part focused on survey results and vehicle choice models.