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Item_01a_ada.docx 16.6 KB
Item_01a_LADWP_ada.pdf 308.79 KB
Item_01b_ada.pdf 360.99 KB
Item_01c_600-15-014-02_ada.pdf 147.32 KB
Item_01d_600-17-002-01_ada.pdf 48.47 KB
Item_01e_800-17-001_ada.pdf 119.07 KB
Item_01f_Verdexchange Resolution template 2018 final_ada.pdf 12.79 KB
Item_01g_600-17-003_ada.pdf 73.63 KB
Item_02_Order-committee_ada.pdf 15.61 KB
Item_03_OIR - 1-3-18 to final-rev_ada.pdf 26.59 KB
Item_04_003-17-ECD_ada.pdf 133.05 KB
Item_05_002-15-ECD-03_ada.pdf 74.04 KB
Item_06_002-17-ECG_ada.pdf 158.33 KB
Item_08_300-17-001_ada.pdf 155.44 KB
Item_09_EPC-17-024_ada.pdf 196.53 KB
Item_10_500-17-003_ada.pdf 170.45 KB
Item_11_ada.pdf 1.27 MB
Item_12_600-16-006-01_ada.pdf 72.38 KB
Item_13_ARV-17-014_ada.pdf 285.5 KB
Item_15a_ARV-17-015_ada.pdf 149.04 KB
Item_15b_ARV-17-016_ada.pdf 152.58 KB
Item_15c_ARV-17-017_ada.pdf 152.66 KB
Item_15d_ARV-17-018_ada.pdf 148.7 KB
Item_17_17-1213 minutes_ada.pdf 37.9 KB
Petition_for_Corrections_to_Commission_Business_Meeting_Transcr_ada.pdf 825.63 KB
Transcript_of_10112017_Business_Meeting_ada.pdf 920.51 KB
26 files | 5.92 MB