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Item_01a_Executive Director Authority to Approve Settlement Agreements for or Otherwise Resolve Agreement Audit Findings and Performance Issues_ada.pdf 22.88 KB
Item_01bi_ARV-19-071 Sequoia Union High School District_ada.pdf 162.6 KB
Item_01bii_ARV-19-073 Fall River Joint Unified School District_ada.pdf 149.02 KB
Item_01biii_ARV-19-030 Anaheim Elementary School District_ada.pdf 186.3 KB
Item_01biv_ARV-19-018 Inglewood Unified School District_ada.pdf 147.86 KB
Item_01bv_ARV-19-057 Durham Unified School District_ada.pdf 161.38 KB
Item_01bvi_ARV-19-035 Garden Grove Unified School District_ada.pdf 146.7 KB
Item_01bvii_ARV-19-015 Ukiah Unified School District_ada.pdf 149.05 KB
Item_01bviii_ARV-19-044 Chawanakee Unified School District_ada.pdf 44.02 KB
Item_01ci_ARV-19-074 Air Products and Chemical, Inc._ada.pdf 81.48 KB
Item_01cii_ARV-19-076 Air Products and Chemicals, Inc._ada.pdf 81.52 KB
Item_01ciii_ARV-19-077 Air Products and Chemicals, Inc._ada.pdf 81.48 KB
Item_01civ_ARV-19-078 Air Products and Chemicals, Inc._ada.pdf 81.6 KB
Item_04_Geysers Facilities Fire System Recommissioning_ada.pdf 137.3 KB
Item_05_Adopting Energy Commission Determination Finding San Francisco Public Utility Commission's Hetch Hetchy Power IRP Consistent with the Requirements of SB 350_ada.pdf 721.75 KB
Item_06_Adopting Energy Commission Determination Finding Modesto Irrigation District's IRP Consistent with the Requirements of SB 350_ada.pdf 689.2 KB
Item_07_CalCERTS_ada.pdf 559.8 KB
Item_08_ConSol Home Energy Efficiency Rating Services (CHEERS)_ada.pdf 729.3 KB
Item_09_Trinity Public Utility District_ada.pdf 915.58 KB
Item_10_006-19-ECA City of Port Hueneme_ada.pdf 187.52 KB
Item_11a_FPI-18-017 Blue Diamond Growers_ada.pdf 213.72 KB
Item_11b_FPI-19-002 Saputo Cheese USA Inc._ada.pdf 408.34 KB
Item_12_ARV-19-075 Five Points Pipeline LLC_ada.pdf 171.12 KB
Item_13_ARV-19-001 EnelX North America, Inc._ada.pdf 149.27 KB
Item_14_19-0911_Minutes_ada.pdf 46.5 KB
25 files | 6.27 MB