Power Plant Owner Any company that owns a power plant, or, where there is more than one owner, the majority or plurality owner or the managing partner.

Control Area Operator Owner and operator of an electric system or systems, bounded by interconnection metering and telemetry, capable of controlling generation to maintain its interchange schedule with other Control.

Utility Distribution Company Electric utility or subsidiary of an electric utility that distributes electricity to customers.

Load-Serving Entity Any company that (a) sells or provides electricity to end users located in California, or (b) generates electricity at one site and consumes electricity at another site that is in California and that is owned or controlled by the company. LSE does not include the owner or operator of a cogenerator.


Utility Distribution Company A gas utility or a subsidiary of a gas utility that distributes natural gas to customers.

Natural Gas Retailer Seller of natural gas to end users or company that produces and consumes natural gas in California.

Interstate Pipeline Company Company that owns or operates an interstate pipeline that delivers natural gas to California at or inside the state’s borders.

Natural Gas Processor Company that extracts natural gas liquids from natural gas produced from California reservoirs.