The California Energy Commission (CEC) is committed to increasing inclusion, diversity, equity, and access in the energy sector. It encourages all applicants, contractors, and the public to take part in CEC opportunities. 

One way to get involved is by visiting Empower Innovation. Empower Innovation is a professional networking platform that helps everyone, including local governments, community-based organizations, small businesses, and cleantech start-ups, identify funding and partnering opportunities to advance a clean energy future for all.

Empower Innovation is free, easy to use, and you can sign up using your LinkedIn account. If you need help registering, reach the Empower Innovation Management Team by filling out a contact form.


The CEC’s commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity, and access was put into a resolution in 2015 and advanced by Assembly Bill 865. It requires the CEC to develop and implement an outreach program that encourages the participation of certified women, minority, disabled veteran, and LGBT business enterprises in relevant programs and shall consider including them in capacity building activities. 

Empower Innovation supports our outreach efforts to enhance the inclusivity of our programs by cultivating a diverse network of stakeholders and curating valuable resources for advancing clean technologies. 

A “Certified” business enterprise is one that is certified by the Public Utilities Commission, the Department of General Services, or other nonprofit organizations that verify or certify women, minority, disabled veteran, and LGBT business enterprises. Visit the California Public Utility Commission Supplier Clearinghouse for certification of women, minority, disabled veterans, and LGBT business enterprises. Visit the California Department of General Services for certification of small and disabled veteran business enterprises.

Equity and Diversity