The Energy Commission welcomes public participation. This input is encouraged for all public meetings, hearings, workshops, and rulemakings.

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The Clean Energy Hall of Fame Awards is an annual event designed to honor the leadership and outstanding achievements of the array of stakeholders that help advance California’s clean energy goals.  The awards aim to motivate and inspire all stakeholders to continue to lead California to a 100 percent clean energy future by 2045. As California Governor Gavin Newsom said, “We will never waver on achieving the nation’s most ambitious clean energy goals.”

The Energy Commission's siting process allows for and encourages public participation so that one may become involved either informally or on a formal level as an intervenor who can present evidence and cross-examine witnesses.

Access to Energy Commission information is an integral part of the public process. Information is available in various formats and without charge. More about the formats:
Public Information and Commenting

Intervening on Siting Cases
Interested parties can be involved in Energy Commission siting cases either as an informal participant or as a formal or intervenor participant. Any person or group may file to intervene in any siting case.

The Energy Commission ensures that thermal power projects 50 megawatts or larger are certified (or licensed) in an expeditious and environmentally considerate manner. The siting process is designed to be rigorous, fair, and consistent while eliminating duplication and regulatory uncertainty. The Energy Commission does not propose projects. Applicants submit proposed projects requesting a license to construct and operate a plant.

A list of the power plant projects that are under review, under construction, in compliance, or operational.



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